Peer Assessment

In today’s lesson I went around the class with my first drafts of each ancillary text and asked for feedback from students. I had each person fill out a table including strengths and improvements.

For my digipack my main improvement was to make it a six  panel album rather than a four, meaning I will have to chose more images and add more text. As well some people said they liked the images but some were stretched and therefore were not great quality.

As for my video I had a few improvements. My video is mainly dance to follow the structure of a conceptual music video however my feedback implied that some people found this a bit boring to watch. To improve this I am going to incorporate narrative shots to break up the dancing montage and to make the storyline/message more clear. As well I need to tighten my editing as some shots didn’t match and others went on for too long.

Lastly my website overall was very positive with strong feedback, I only need to improve one image and add a contact page for the audience.

Digipack Draft 1

digipack draft 1.png

This is my first traffic for the digipack. To create a brand for my artist I have followed the conventions and used stills from the music video as this is more consistent and allows people to recognise her. I have used the same images from my mock up but have enhanced the shadows and colours as this is something I focused on in the video. I have also kept the same typeface as the mock up version because this was the font that the majority of my audience liked after I completed a focus group. I have also created a spine with the title of the song going down it and inserted a text box at the bottom of the back cover explaining the copyright terms and conditions in a smaller font to make it more realistic. Although I am happy with my first draft I know there are many thing I could do to make it look more professional.