Styles of Music Videos


This type of music is when artists include clips of them performing on stage at concerts either alongside other clips from the narrative or just a live performance. This type of music video is simple yet effective and normally shows the audience how much they enjoy performing. Performing music videos usually contain footage of the artists performing and close ups on the artists faces.



This style of music video is when a story is being told, it can be like a mini film. The narrative can be adapted from the lyrics or based on really story that the band want to showcase. In narrative music videos a relationship is normally established either using actors or the actual artist/band members. For example Ed Sheehan likes to feature in his music videos even when it’s a story based music video. Normally in narrative music videos you find the editing is very fast paced and sometimes can merge with other forms of media like film or TV.




Concept music videos are based around a single idea or unusual concept with the intention to attract an audience. Depending on the genre of music depends what theme the artist incorporates into their music video. For example Sia’s The Greatest video is based on recent events of gay shootings in America and has dedicated it to the innocent lives lost and all the families effected by the tragic event. The music video was a massive success with the help of her dancer Maddie Ziegler who helped to bring everyone together. There are no common conventions for conceptual music videos are they’re are all unique and don’t follow a certain layout.



I found all the information for this blog post from this slide share linked below.



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